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Every child and young person will thrive through a rich and adventurous cultural education

What is The City Classroom?

The City Classroom is Leicester(shires) Cultural Education Partnership.

Its mission is to raise the standards and level of provision of locally-based cultural education activity, and to enrich the cultural experience of every child and young person in Leicester and Leicestershire.

The City Classroom brings together organisations, schools, artists and creatives to provide a co-ordinated, planned and strategic approach to providing cultural experiences for young people in our city and county.

  • All of our children deserve all the chances we can give them in life, irrespective of where they begin their journey.

    ACE (The Cultural Education Challenge)

  • Let's try and make sure that every child and young person in this country has the opportunity to create to perform to visit to participate to know about the wonderful arts and cultural provision that we have in this country but also that they are making and creating arts and culture themselves.

    Althea Efunshile, Deputy Chief Executive, ACE

  • The arts aren't just important because they improve maths scores. They're important because they speak to parts of children's being which are otherwise untouched.

    Sir. Ken Robinson