A membership programme that is worth being a part of…

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A membership programme that is worth being a part of…

I first heard about The City Classroom through their promotion of 'The Art of Maths', a day of creativity and cross-curricular learning. Being a lover of the arts, I was immediately intrigued and thought it would be a great opportunity for some of the children in my class – especially those who need more support in maths or inspiration for a subject that a lot of them have anxiety about. At the event I met a number of different artists and arts organisations and was introduced to a whole new world of creative learning. It was so inspiring for myself as a teacher who is always looking for ways to hook my children in their learning creatively. It was also really lovely working in partnership with experts in the field and the impact on the children that attended was significant.

At school we strive for high standards in a creative environment and since becoming members of The City Classroom in September 2017, we have had access to a number of really great opportunities and workshops. My colleagues and I have attended four incredible cross curricular CPD sessions focussed on different topics, including dance, music and visual art, all of which were delivered by local artists in arts venues across Leicestershire. The focus and different approach to learning through these mediums is always refreshing and gives me new ideas to go back to the classroom with.

After the arts summit, dance workshop and all of the workshops I've attended, I was able to share my experience with the staff in my school who are now adopting and adapting some of the methods and techniques I experienced. They are also really trying hard to integrate the arts cross-curricularly, which is lovely to see as the Arts Coordinator in my school and lover of all things creative!

I have also been introduced to a network of local learning opportunities that I never knew existed. The artists we have worked with have been knowledgeable and inspiring, whether they have been working with the children, case studying work or delivering CPD and it has inspired the way I deliver creativity and the arts within my teaching.

Our school continues to benefit from being a member of this high quality local membership programme as it is extremely good value for money and comes with a plethora of support, ideas and access to diverse and unique educational experiences (not just for the kids but for me too!). Our children have achieved Arts Award's, explored their city and learnt new skills and we can't wait to find out what we can be involved in next!

Jo Partridge, Little Hill Primary School