Black Curriculum Learning Resources
Curated by Carol Leeming MBE FRSA

Carol Leeming MBE FRSA, curator, introduces the Black Curriculum Resource List

Representing the Global Majority

Within this Resource List, the term 'Black' is referring to Global Majority artists whose identities have been politicised as 'not white'. This includes artists who are African, Central and South American, Afro-Caribbean, South and Far-East Asian, Middle Eastern, Oceanic, and Pacific Islanders.

The aim of this resource collection is to encourage and support educational institutions to champion the Black British artists who represent our society, to raise the profile of the culture, history and ground-breaking vision contained within Black British arts, and to contribute to efforts to decolonise education.

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A collection of resources to support anti-racist education, with direct reference to Black British history, Black dance, arts and culture.

A journey through over a century of Black presence in the East Midlands that is often unrecognised, forgotten or ignored.

The Black Curriculum offer school programmes curriculum consultation, audit teacher training & assemblies race literacy, decolonising pedagogy, language use and more.