Black Curriculum Learning Resources
Curated by Carol Leeming MBE FRSA

Carol Leeming MBE FRSA, curator, introduces the Black Curriculum Resource List

Representing the Global Majority

Within this Resource List, the term 'Black' is referring to Global Majority artists whose identities have been politicised as 'not white'. This includes artists who are African, Central and South American, Afro-Caribbean, South and Far-East Asian, Middle Eastern, Oceanic, and Pacific Islanders.

The aim of this resource collection is to encourage and support educational institutions to champion the Black British artists who represent our society, to raise the profile of the culture, history and ground-breaking vision contained within Black British arts, and to contribute to efforts to decolonise education.

Our Resources

A Black Curriculum for Leicester/Shire - The First Steps

This suite of resources follows on from 'The Black Curriculum Leicester/Shire - The First Steps' report by Carol Leeming MBE FRSA.

"With #BLM, Black Curriculum and De-Colonising Curriculum, many now have clearer understanding, as to the need for urgent change and action. However, there is a real hiatus, as to how they can begin to effect the required change-what in fact are the first steps? Critically, to be able to start, getting the right informed, appropriate information and expertise being paramount."

- Carol Leeming, MBE FRSA

Carol has been been working with and supporting The City Classroom as we begin to strive towards a Black Curriculum for Leicester/Shire, and welcoming work by Global Majority artists into our everyday lives and learning environments.

Read the full report here

Continuing the Conversation

This document contains reflections and actions from the event 'In Conversation, with Carol Leeming MBE FRSA' which saw the presentation of these Black Curriculum Learning Resources.

This event was led by Black & Global Majority academics and cultural arts practitioners and brought together local artists and educators to feed in to ongoing and urgent discussions about how we can build a more relevant, representative curriculum for children in Leicester/shire and embed a Black Curriculum in all Leicester/shire schools.

During this event we asked what can be done to contribute to the long-term vision for decolonised education, as well as what we can do right now.

What You Can Do Now

SHARE this document or a key point with friends and colleagues in person or through social media.

In 3 minutes:

READ About child-led writing and history project Colonial Countryside, launched by Dr Corinne Fowler.

WATCH The Propaganda of 'British values' is a Distortion of History by Hip Hop artist, author, and activist Akala.

In 15 minutes:

READ An extract from Natives – Race & Class in the Ruins of Empire by Akala. Akala also has a reading list which you can browse for further sources.

WATCH Rennie Eddo-Lodge on her book 'Why I'm No Longer Talking to White People About Race' and reflect on what actions you can take in response.

In 30 minutes:

READ An area from the Resources for Change collected by Serendipity about Black British history, arts and culture.

WATCH A Very Brit(ish) Voice – Commissioned by Serendipity and directed by Jaha Browne. This award-winning documentary tells the stories of Caribbean people who settled in Leicester during Windrush.

Additional Links

A collection of resources to support anti-racist education, with direct reference to Black British history, Black dance, arts and culture.

A journey through over a century of Black presence in the East Midlands that is often unrecognised, forgotten or ignored.

The Black Curriculum offer school programmes curriculum consultation, audit teacher training & assemblies race literacy, decolonising pedagogy, language use and more.