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The City Passport is a pilot initiative to keep children and their families learning through creativity over the summer months. It includes listings accessible by all ages from a number of local arts organisations, venues and festivals, plus ideas of other things to make see and do, along with activity pages to be completed.

Over 6000 children will receive a passport this year from across 15 primary schools.

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What do I do with my City Passport?

The passport is your 'Summer Family Challenge', a chance to take part in lots of creative activity and then record your summer adventures. You can use it to help plan your summer adventures and complete the activity pages in the booklet by writing, drawing and sticking things in.

How can I find out more about the activities listed in the passport?

Scroll further down this page to find links to all of the organisations, they are the best people to ask. You might also find them on social media, why not hop across to The City Classroom's Facebook and Twitter page to find their tags.

Need more help over summer or have a sibling that would like a passport too?

Contact the Passport Controller by email or call 0116 261 6893


You will need to return your passport to school in September and tell your friends and teachers all about your creative summer. If you return your passport you will receive a certificate for taking part and those who have done extraordinary work, and completed the booklet in detail, will be moderated for Arts Award.

What is Arts Award?

Arts Award is a national qualification delivered at five different levels and moderated by Trinity College London. Discover is the entry-level award perfect for primary age. Arts Award inspires young people to grow their arts and leadership talents: it's creative, valuable and accessible.

I don't have a City Passport...

This year the passport is a pilot project with fifteen schools, we hope that it is a huge success and in years to come every child in the city and county can be involved in the initiative. However, you don't need a passport to take part in all the fantastic activity taking place over the summer, in venues and across the city. Follow the links below to find out what's on!

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Where to find all of the listed activities and events….

Attenborough Arts Centre

ArtReach – Journeys Festival International


Cultural Quarter Earlies

Leicester Libraries


The Spark Arts

De Montfort Hall

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